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Upcoming Events

April 2017 All Day

Four times a year, thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches come together from cities all around the country and Canada for a training-focused Team meeting. The meeting reflects the past achievements and takes action for the next quarter. Super Saturday meetings always start by celebrating individual Coach and Team successes. A corporate video is created with highlights of the last quarter plus key announcements for the next 90 days.

The next Super Saturday will take place on April 8th, 2017. (Can we add a link of some kind for people who may be interested in going?) Please join us as we prepare for the next quarter, recognize successes, share tips, and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! And, drumroll please . . . this Super Saturday our spotlight feature is "How Confidence Attracts Customers and Builds a Winning Team.” Plus:

  • Hear unique financial, physical and emotional Success Stories from Coaches and Clients
  • Hear corporate updates that will help you focus your business
  • Meet local leaders and share success tips
  • Celebrate accomplishments
  • Taste the newest flavor of Shakeology®
  • Work out after the event to our newest program

Super Saturday Location

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