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10 Water Tips

“Are you guys drinking your water like you should be? I won't lie, somedays it's a straight up CHORE!

There are so MANY benefits to getting our water consumption in EVERY DAY! … Read the whole article

3 Day Recap

3 Day Refresh Recap

Looking back I felt like I let myself down in November. I was absolutely horrible with my food choices. I didn't just eat whatever I wanted I jumped off the deep end of indulgences and went swimming in it. The first day of the refresh went great, I was enthusiastic to start and ready for a change. Day 2...the halfway point... I did wake up to find that I was down a little over 3 pounds and I was super excited about that.… Read the whole article

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5 Post Workout Tips

After workouts our endorphins are flowing and we feel unstoppable, but there are a few harmful habits that can ruin all your hard work after that crazy sweat sesh! Avoid the following mistakes and take your post workout recovery to the next level!… Read the whole article

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Wake Up, Kick Butt - REPEAT

It's not always about a workout...it helps, TRUST that!

It centers me, focuses me and helps me to kick butt in other areas of my life. It's a controllable for me. Working on myself has taught me so much bigger picture about my life and who I am.… Read the whole article